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N8UKF Repeater Group Muskegon, Michigan
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While the .32 machine is not a direct part of the N8UKF Repeater Group, the trustee Bill Hubbard and I go way back on working projects together and we put our heads together on this one to make it happen. We have shared so many parts, pieces and ideas in the last 30 years that our repeater systems are like brothers. The .32 is a VERY good repeater with excellent coverage in many counties. Please go to Bill’s website for a LOT of interesting information regarding his site. www.wd8mkg.com The .32 repeater is a DR-2x repeater in automatic mode which allows both analog and digital communications to occur, but not simultaneously. The repeater is controlled by an Arcomm controller and it controls the radio in analog mode only. The repeater will only allow one mode of use at a time, so the first one wins. If another user is in digital mode and an analog FM user keys up, their digital radios will switch to FM mode, if they are in AMS mode on their equipment. The preferred mode for this repeater is ANALOG
Analog (FM) users must turn on tone squelch of 91.5 (CTCSS) to avoid hearing the digital Noise From Digital users on the 147.320 repeater.