Wires-X Room: 21335 FCS Reflector 4 - Room 034
N8UKF Repeater Group Muskegon, Michigan
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The 443.200 repeater is a new DR-2X repeater in fixed digital mode which allows only digital communications to occur. This repeater is also linked to the Yaesu Wires-X network and the FCS X-Reflector networks sharing the Wire-X room of the 147.380 repeater and simulcasts on the 147.380 repeater and the 442.300 repeater along with WM-Connect repeaters. The room numbers are at the top of the page. The Repeater is located near the Muskegon County airport. This repeater also bridges the wires-x room to all other reflector systems. This repeater was formerly located on a local cell phone tower and was one of the best 440 repeaters in the area. After losing access to this site it has been moved to the home of N8UKF and has a relatively short range in the city of Norton Shores. Please feel free to send me any comments you may by have using our contact page and by all means enjoy this new form of communications!
You must use DG-ID settings of TX-35 and RX-00