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19102 174th. (Old Grand Haven Rd.)

Spring Lake Michigan 49456-9722

Phone: 616-847-1990 or Fax: 616-847-3980

White Eagle Steel Inc. actually was formed in 1990 as White Eagle Specialty Steel by Tim Kmiecik.  Tim's vision was to supply local shops and industries with specialty steels from his location in Muskegon.   Due to the growth of shops, factories and other industries in the northern portion of Ottawa County and the southern part of Muskegon County, Tim decided to move his business to Spring Lake Township, just south of Vanderwall Concrete Co. on 174th. (Old Grand Haven Rd.) to better serve the area.  It was not long after the move that a need for a local general service steel supplier was recognized.  So White Eagle Steel Inc. was launched to better serve the area with a full line of metal products.  The growth of White Eagle continued with more products and services being offered until the building was bulging at the seams.  In 2008 an aggressive building expansion was undertaken to more than double the floor space to 16,000 Square Feet.  While the building addition has been completed and new saws purchased, White Eagle is still expanding today and hopes to have yet another saw brought online in 2011.


As mentioned, in addition to the building expansion, White Eagle is in the process of adding more saws to supply the customers with their supplies cut to order.  Many of the saws are automatic production saws that enable White Eagle to provide large quantities of similar product, while not hindering the day to day operations of the plant. That's right, you will not have to wait for your piece of steel to be cut because the saw is tied up on a big run!  

This capacity to run production will also be increased when the new equipment that has been purchased is brought on line in 2011.  


So Please stop in and check us out or give our great staff a call.  Just ask for Jeff, Sue or Tim and we will get you what you need at a fair price!

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