Wires-X Room: 21335 FCS Reflector 4 - Room 034
N8UKF Repeater Group Muskegon, Michigan
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New to Yaesu System Fusion? You need to watch this video! Very well done for a new user. Click Here for Video Because of this new and redesigned repeater I had to change some linking configurations, while these will not directly impact normal Fusion users, if you use a Yaesu Wires-x box for connections you will need to connect a certain way to access the system. If you use an Openspot, DV4Mini or other type dongle to access the FCS4-034 reflector, everything remains the same. If connecting using Wires-x or via another Wire-x repeater, please connect to the KE8LZ Repeater Room # 21335 and not the KE8LZ-RPT node or N8UKF-RPT node. This will keep our 147.380 and 443.200 repeaters linked together and keep them on the FCS reflectors, plus if you talk into Room # 21335 you will come out on every repeater, node and reflector. Connecting to either the KE8LZ-RPT node or the N8UKF-RPT node directly will break the links. Wires-X room 21335 contains these nodes. FCS4-034 Reflector / room KE8LZ-RPT repeater node 147.380 Muskegon, MI N8UKF-RPT repeater node 443.200 Norton Shores, MI NW8JR/R Repeater Node Cedar Springs, MI N8UKF-RPT repeater node 442.300 Holton , MI Wires-X on the 147.380 repeater Updated on 2/7/2018 Here are a few suggestions to try until we all learn the systems a little better and also info on a couple of settings going on in the background. Please feel free to send me any you may have after listening or using the system! FYI: If you change the 38 to another wires-x room, it will normally revert back to the 38 repeater home room after 30 minutes, regardless of if you are done talking or monitoring the room you switched to. Unfortunately, this timer has not been working reliably due to Yaesu software issues. But when this happens you would then have to reconnect to the Room hosting the net. Alternatively, if you wish to participate in a net on another repeater system and the net will last longer than 30 minutes, just call me on the air or send an e-mail to my address in advance and I can adjust the time to one hour for that net. Yaesu software will not allow me to exceed 1 hour on the room time-out settings… Sorry. FYI, I do not monitor e-mail between 10 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. When accessing another room using your radios Wire-X button on our system, please do so only on the 147.380 repeater and not on the 440 repeaters. This will preserve the linking of the 440 repeaters and the FCS reflectors and also keep this traffic off the Openspots and DVmini links so folks don't have to listen to it that may not want too. Before changing the Wires-X room that the 38 repeater is always defaulted on, please announce your intentions on the repeater. Something like “N8UKF accessing wire-x rooms on the 38” should be good enough. This will let everyone know on our system that the 38 will be off of our linked system and connected to another room someplace else in the world. This means only the 2 - 440 repeaters and FCS reflector room 34 will remain linked together. The 440’s and FCS room 34 will NOT be linked to the room you are using on the 38 repeater until you either return it, or it returns to its own room on its own after 30 minutes. So the 38 becomes an island connected to where you put it. In an emergency, I can link the whole system, all repeaters and reflectors, to any other Wires-X room needed. When connected to another system's room please follow their rules. Many of these systems have their rules described where they can be seen using an HRI-200 node, or they may have web sites and information on line so you can Google them and see if they allow chit chat or prefer that you use their room as a call and then move room. If you are asked to move along in one of these rooms, please be sure to issue a command to move to another room, or, issue a disconnect command (*) to the 38 repeater so that we are returned to our default room. This is important. Please return the repeater to our home room when done, this is the preferred method. The room number is 21335. Or you can disconnect from the room you moved the 38 repeater to when done. This is done by pushing the * key while your radio is still in wires-x mode. Do not push the * key and PTT at the same time, that will send a DTMF tone. The disconnect (*) key only works while your radio is in Wires-x mode and can only be issued when the room is quiet. You can not move a room or disconnect from a room while someone is talking. Wires-X node and room owners can block other nodes and rooms from being connected to their own rooms/nodes. So we want to be sure and follow others wishes on their systems, so that our system does not get blocked. Likewise, if you notice a call sign that is causing problems on our system or just can’t figure things out and is causing a nuisance, please e-mail me so that I can monitor and communicate with them until they get it figured out. All such notices to me will be strictly confidential!
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