Wires-X Room: 21335 FCS Reflector 4 - Room 034
N8UKF Repeater Group Muskegon, Michigan
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21335 -------------------- Wires-X room Number of Repeater

FCS004 Room 34 ---- Shark Openspot room (FCS 004 Reflector, room 34)

YCF Reflector: US WM-Connect #21335

YCS Reflector: FCS310 room 35 or DG-ID 35, depending on how you access


The .38 repeater is a DR-2x repeater in digital mode. This repeater is also linked to the Yaesu Wires-X network and the FCS X-Reflector networks with it’s own rooms on both systems. The room numbers and analog control codes are listed below for your reference. Also below you will find a linking diagram of how all this stuff is connected and you may find that interesting. We are using 2 HRI-200 wires-x boxes, 2 Dell computers, 1 FTM-400 radio, and 2 openspot RF Sharks to make this all happen. There is also a link to a site where you can see real-time activity on the FCS 004 reflector. A little further down you can click a link to view our repeater coverage map. Please feel free to send me any comments you may by have using our contact page and by all means enjoy this new form of communications!
Analog (FM) users must turn on tone squelch (CTCSS) to avoid hearing the digital Noise From Digital users on the 147.380 repeater. To access the Digital side you must set DG-ID To: TX-35 and RX-00